Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány today declared that he is just broadening his influence in electronic entertainment. After showing some dancing skills, he is just about to appear in the multi-platform video game called ’The Sims 2’. "The idea is not mine, the hungarian division of Electronic Arts asked me if I would appear as a playable character in their life simulator. At first I had no idea of what this video game is like and how it works so they brought in a notebook and showed me some ingame footage. It was also them who told me that young hungarian singer Lola also appears in this game. That convinced me so I said yes" - explained Gyurcsany. In ’The Sims 2’ the player’s main goal is to manage a family and its household from dusk till dawn. We have no information on exclusive new character activities like lying to people, acting weird or constantly being stubborn. Former PM Viktor Orbán’s response was: "Two congressmen of ours is going to pay a visit at EA Hungary tomorrow and warn them to raise the amount of fruits -- oranges and such -- appearing in the game." He is also known to be interested in this kind of entertainment since he was seen to be leaving a game developer studio’s MOCAP section with a wrench in his hand.