Ezt nem gondoltam volna című sorozatunk mai számában: George R. R. Martin a Nerdistben beszélt arról, mivel dolgozik.

I’ve been writing on a computer since 1982. I’m pretty much using the same word processing program, WordStar. What I still use: I have a DOS computer that I write on with WordStar 4.0. Do I worry about that? I have a Windows computer too, that I surf the internet with, and get my email with and do all that stuff. That’s the one I worry about. It’s always the Windows computer that’s doing something weird, it’s never the DOS computer. DOS is stable as a rock, nothing really ever goes wrong with it. [...] WordStar is a wonderfully unhelpful program: it does exactly what I want. At no point does a dancing paper clip come on.

Ezt nem gondoltam volna című sorozatunkat látták és hallották, amennyiben Önöknek is felolvasta a fejükben lakó hang.